From the diary of Tukas Khan part two


Yesterday, the earth shook violently. Earthquakes are uncommon in this region. During my long life in the Beinnhall hills I have known no more than two to occur. Today, a cloud of dust and sand covers the sky, reflecting the light of the rising sun in beautiful but ominous colors.

To the north-west, the Highpeak has fallen, losing about a third of its size. It is still the largest mountain in the reach, by far, but its’ loss is noticeable.

I can’t help but think of my kinsman, Faerin and Thorin, who ventured to the mountain nearly a week ago. Undoubtedly this strange occurrence will have some connection to their quest to stop an evil half-dragon from unleashing the fire within the Highpeak. I just hope this means they succeeded. So far, no fire has appeared. Hope remains.

I also wish they did not pay for their victory with their life. It has been a while since the Khan clan has brought forth a true dwarven hero, and now it seems we may have two. As I have written before, in the times to come we may need them.

I have given up on trying to convince the other clan elders of the dangers from our past. They will not listen. I know I am not losing my mind however. I have seen more reports, not meant for my eyes. The rune is appearing more often now, and my kin are growing more accustomed to its presence. It won’t be long before they discover its’ true potential. By then I hope to have spoken to my heroic offspring.

The latest report said the earthquake toppled some of the menhirs at the moot-circle. Maybe this is the opportunity I have been waiting for. Would I be a younger man, I would venture to the circle myself to search for the first hall. The records there could prove I am not senile just yet, or at least not as senile as they think. I need to rely on others though. Most of us are busy repairing the earthquake-damage to Khan Hall. I have sent a runner to Woodsong, asking for the help of Faerin, Thorin and their heroic companions.

If we don’t start preparations soon, Faerin and Thorin might very well be part of the last generation of Hill dwarves, ever!



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