Diviner, Follower of Math Mathonwy


Life at the temple
A child not wanted, abandoned in the slums. A tale as old as time. It was certainly not what Seebo Nackle expected to find when he decided to take a quick shortcut to the inn he was staying at. It was easy to see why the child had been abandoned, tiefling children are rarely wanted. But that was not what drew his attention. Even before he became a cleric of Math Mathonwy, he was always sensitive to the presence of illusions. It was thus no problem for him to dispel the flimsy barrier that was sheltering the child. But still who would take the effort to hide an abandoned child behind an illusion like that. Intrigued, he placed a small ward on the area in case someone would return that night and took the child out of the cold.

He kept track of his ward, but none returned to look for the child. So now, once more his curiosity has gotten him in trouble. What was he to do with a tiefling child. A normal orphanage would never take him in and he was not about to just abandon it again. Thus with no other option to his liking, he could only take it with him as he continued his journey to Math Mathonwy’s temple. It was not exactly easy to convince the high priest to take the child in, but Seebo span a story stating that a sign of the goddess drew him towards it. And thus it was their duty to take care of it. Reluctantly the high priest agreed if only to get Seebo to be quiet. The child was thus named Caphalor and would be raised among the other charges present in the temple.

Life at the temple was a matter of routine. Prayer and chores in the morning followed by studies and training in the afternoon with free time at night just before evening prayer. Occasionally Caphalor would be visited by Seebo, who would then regale him with tales of his exploits. From hunting for lost tomes in deep dungeons to liberating artifacts from evil cults who would otherwise misuse them. A lifestyle that certainly had appeal to Caphalor, but he felt that it was missing something. He finally discovered what that was when a mage visited the temple. He alongside the other orphans were brought before the mage who was looking for an apprentice. They had to take a long and difficult test in order to see who had the aptitude for the arts.

Afterwards he asked around and the priests told him that his sometimes happened. A mage, who follows the faith, would come to the temple in order to seek a pupil. The matter in which they were tested would always depend upon the mage in question but with dutiful study the ones with talent would be able to pass. Caphalor knew that this was wat he wanted. He devoted every bit of his free time to his studies. Devouring the knowledge from one tome to the next. From time to time another mage would come to the temple and place his own test before them. However each time, no matter how good Caphalor did, another would be chosen.

Caphalor grew frustrated as despair started to grab hold. Soon he would be too old to be considered for training and while he could still continue his training as a cleric of Math Mathonwy. He knew that it was not the path for him. He studied and prayed day in and day out. Until a week before he become too old, a new archmagi named Maira had arrived at the temple. She had each of us line up in front of her so she could look us straight in the eye, exactly one minute each. When she was finished, she walked down line, up and down. Finally an owl landed on Neesha’s shoulder, another girl from the temple. Caphalor felt his heart break as his last chance slipped away from him. “Yes a good choice, talented and loaded with potential” the mage said as she regarded Neesha. She stopped in front of Caphalor “But hardly the only one, this one will also do nicely”. She decided that they would both become her pupils.

Training under Maira
Maira was a very strict teacher who expected nothing short of perfection. While Carmondai and Neesha both came to realize that Maira was a softer person than she let on, neither of them dared to oppose her judgment. His routine didn’t differ to much from his life at the temple. Mornings were devoted to study while afternoons contained practical studies and meditation exercises. Neesha’s presence made it easier however. If one them was stuck on a question or task the other would always have their back.

Carmondai and Neesha both developed a very different style of magic, with Neesha preferring a more direct approach where as Carmondai would often feel a more subtle approach would be more efficient. Because of this, they would often have intense discussions concerning various aspects of magic. On particular, they had a discussion about the morality of magic that lasted for weeks, even prompting Maira to play moderator when things threatened to run out of hand. Neesha would often denounce certain forms of magic as inherently evil, while Carmondai would argue that it is not the spell but the application by the user that determined the morality of the act. A point that Carmondai would often make concerned the practical application of Necromancy. “If I know an area is guarded by a trap, is it then not better for me to animate a nearby corpse to trigger it. Rather than having a friend and ally attempt to find it and risk injury and possibly death should he fail to notice it.”

Despite having very different viewpoints on certain topics, Carmondai and Neesha began to see each other as brother and sister. This even prompted them to sneak off towards the nearest town in order to relax from time to time. While they did get caught from time to time, actually most of the time, it eventually turned into a form of training. Each time Maira would change up the defenses they would need to bypass in order to have some free time. Thus they always had to remain on their toes. If they succeeded, their reward was a night on the town. If they failed, the would have a week filled with backbreaking chores on top of their studies.

One day Maira decided that it was time for them to head out into the world, to find their own path in life. She gave them each some time to make preparations. When they were set, she teleported each of them to a different location. Now on the road, Carmondai decided to travel the lands like Seebo in order to discover new arcane mysteries.

Life on the road


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