Faera Auzetior

Daughter of House Auzetior


Faera is the daughter of Gladus Azif Auzetior and sister to Fierna. She is a member of the powerful noble house Auzetior of Aurion.
She was born a thiefling because her grandmother’s deal with a fiend tainted her family’s bloodline.

Faera originally led a carefree life in the city of Aurion, counting on her sister to become head of the house. When her sister was suddenly sent off to a small village to the east, Faera was thrust in to the center of her father’s attention. Her father has been pushing her to grow stronger ever since, in addition to forcing her to attend classes on Aurion’s political and economical systems.

Her magical abilities are strong, albeit not as strong as her father’s. Although Faera likes the idea of becoming head of the house, she has found she has no interest in the day to day management that comes with the territory.

Faera Auzetior

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