Gawin Khan (deceased)

Inventor of Khan's finest Stoutrock Ale


Though the Khan clan had been known for its great brewing abilities since long before coming to the Beinnhall Hills, it was Gawin who invented and perfected the formula that would later be known as ’Khan’s finest Stoutrock Ale’. Using a combination of local herbs and some well-kept secrets, this Ale was unlike any that can before. Strong in flavor and high in viscosity, it is enough to put some hair on anyone’s chest.

For a long time, Gawin oversaw the operations of the Khan brewery. Even after the sudden passing of his wife, Kathra, he never missed a single fermentation. Gawin himself passed over a few years ago, and the brewery has been without a true leader since. It is said he tapped Barin to succeed him, but the others are hesitant to accept Barin given his young age.

There is a large statue to Gawin and Kathra in the Khan hall, crafted by his sister, Dagnyn.

Gawin Khan (deceased)

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