Gladus Azif Auzetior

Head of House Auzetior


Gladus Auzetior is a proud noble, a strickt father and a powerful mage.
Gladus is the head of house Auzetior and under his guidance it grew from a mediocre noble family to one of the most respected, influential and feared houses in Aurion.

Some of Gladus’ succes hails from his immence magical power, unseen in his bloodline for centuries. The secret of this power became apparent when he himself fathered two daughters which turned out to be thieflings, Fierna and Faera. As it so happens, Gladus’ mother bargained for his innate talent with a powerful devil, with a slightly tainted bloodline as a result.

Gladus’ own children were a little bit of a dissapointment, at least in regard to arcane power. Although not weak by any standard, neither possessed the raw magical power he did. Fearing this would lead to the decline of his family, Gladus’ started to search for any and all magical secrets that could give him and his family an edge.

Gladus does not discriminate in power. He has contacts from all over the world and from all races. His house’s main advisor, is an elven archmage named Darthoridan. Gladus welcomed him and his family in to his house in exchange for advice and access to elven magical practices.

Gladus Azif Auzetior

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