Trollbane Ungart

Legendary dwarven hero


Trollbane Ungart was born Draus Ungart over a century ago. He became a hunter and trapper in service of his clan and led a normal and unremarkable dwarven life. He fell in love with a young dwarven girl from the Khan Clan, Karyn Khan and the two got married and had a child.

Draus’ life changed however when a large band of trolls broke through the defenses of the Ungart clan and started raiding the Beinnhall hills. Karyn and their newborn son were on the road to Khan hall to visit their family and where caught off guard. Karyn came out alive, their son did not.

The loss of their son broke the relationship between Karyn and Draus. Karyn became a merchant in service of her clan and traveled far from the Beinnhall hills and the memories of her lost child and Draus became lost in his quest for vengeance.

Draus’ hatred for trolls quickly earned him the name Trollbane. He met and married another dwarven warrior and together with her brothers Trollbane built a castle in the pass most trolls take to reach the Beinnhall hills. He has been butchering them ever since. His new wife gave him two daughters who know little of his previous life and their dead half-brother and who have joined him in his crusade against the green skinned trolls of the reach.

Trollbane Ungart

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