Ungart Clan

The Ungart clan is one of the five great dwarven clans that inhabit the Beinnhall Hills. Hill Dwarves by nature, the clan lives in a fortified town on top of and inside a hollowed out hill, named Ungart Hall.

Ungart Hall is located to the far east side of the Beinnhall Hills, near the mountains of the Arcarost reach. Several small and narrow mountain passes give access to the lands near Ungart Hall. In the past these passes gave roaming bands of orcs, goblins, ogres and trolls a chance to raid the dwarven settlements. The dwarves reinforced the passes however and constantly keep watch over them from their mountain fortresses. By the efforts of the Ungart clan, the Beinnhall Hills are kept safe from roaming bands of monsters from the Arcarost reach.

The Ungart clan is about 150 dwarves strong, which makes it the largest of the five clans. Still, because of the threat from the east they keep good relations with the other clans in the hope of attracting volunteers to help man the passes. The clan is led by Kronmur Ungart, a brilliant military leader even if his diplomatic skills are lacking.

Dwarves of the Ungart clan are renowned as great warriors and monster-hunters. They are also known to be great craftsmen, mostly woodcutters and stonemasons as these skills are necessary for building and rebuilding the eastern fortresses.

1st generation

All deceased

2nd generation

All deceased

3rd Generation

Kronmur Ungart

4th Generation

Trollbane Ungart

Vosark Ungart

Valléri Ungart (deceased)

5th Generation

Fin Ungart

Thora Ungart

Dumar Ungart

Ungart Clan

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