Dwarven Brewer feat

Dwarven Brewer feat:

Prerequisite: Dwarf

Khan’s Stoutrock Ale is well known in Woodsong and the Beinnhall Hills as being the best beer ever made. It took the Khan clan several centuries to refine their brewing process to the point where it is today. During those centuries several remarkable discoveries were made about the brewing process and different dwarven brewers have learned to add magical effects their variation of Stoutrock Ale. The secrets of these magical Stoutrock variants are passed down carefully. You have been able to learn several of them.

When you acquire this feat you become proficient with a Brewer’s kit and learn 2 light brews and 2 heavy brews. You may take this feat a second time to also learn the remaining 2 light and 2 heavy brews.

Creating a light brew costs 50gp worth of ingredients and takes 2 days of work. Creating a heavy brew costs 125gp worth of ingredients and takes 5 days of work.

Making progress in creating the brew requires at least 4 hours of work/day and a successful Intelligence (Brewer’s Kit) check of DC 13. If the check fails no progress is made. On a natural 1 the brew is ruined. All progress and the materials are wasted.

If successful the brew confers the effects of the selected spell to the one who drinks it. Light brews are cast at level1, heavy brews at level 2. If/when needed, the brewer’s spell attack modifier equals his intelligence bonus + proficiency modifier.

Light Brews

Heavy brews

False Life


Protection from evil/good

Spider climb


Alter Self

Comprehend languages

See Invisibility









Dwarven Brewer feat

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