Khan clan

The Khan clan is one of five great clans that inhabit the Beinnhall Hills.

  Hill Dwarves by nature, the clan lives in a fortified town on top of and inside a hollowed out hill.


The members of the Khan clan are known for their prowess as artisans and traders, but most of all as brewers. Khan's Finest Stoutrock Ale is known throughout the Beinnhall Hills and the nearby outpost of Kramer's crossing and the village of Woodsong as the best dwarven ale. The Khan brewery is therefore quite famous. 


The leader of the clan is Elder Tukas Khan, the oldest dwarf still alive among the great clans. The Khan clan is about 100 dwarves strong. 

1st generation

Tukas Khan

2nd generation

Riswyn Khan

Gawin Khan (deceased)

Dagnyn Khan

3rd generation

Kiedrin Khan

4th generation

Dain KhanIlde Brimspar

Karyn Khan

Gerin Khan

5th generation

Barin Khan

Airyn Khan

Ealyn Khan

Faerin Khan

Thorin Khan

Dhorin Khan

Morin Khan

Lyn Khan

Khan clan

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