Letters from Woodsong

from Zora and Welby


Dear Faerin,

It was nice to hear from you, your brother and your friends.

The rebuilding of Woodsong is coming along great. Vosark and the other dwarves are a tremendous help. Somehow they always seem to know each building’s weak spot in need of repair or strengthening, long before we do.  Even though it will still take a few weeks to finish the necessary repairs, thanks to your people we are all certain the work will be done by winter.

You will also be pleased to hear that Maugrim wandered in to town yesterday, tired and underfed, but otherwise just fine. He seems to have accepted the loss of Landerr now and is staying with us at the encampment. How he survived the fall of the mountain and the trip back through Arcarost is beyond me however. This is the second time he made his way through that cursed city alive. I will try and keep him close, he could prove a valuable ally and resource in the future, should you ever decide to venture back to the plateau. For now he seems content with sleeping near the fire at night and playing with that strange girl Marianne.

The man you mentioned, Ivan, arrived this afternoon. We did not speak to him yet, but will do so if you want us to. He had a meeting with father Portas and with Guildmaster Brane Lancelin. He left town with two Tower Guards a while later. They have yet to return. I did not get a good vibe from him and although I do not want to jump to conclusions, I do not think I trust him. Call it a woman’s intuition.

Fierna’s story does sound eerily similar to our own experience. I have no idea what the red mark you mentioned could mean, but I will see what I can find in the local library and my own collection of lore.

Welby and I wish you well and good luck with your family business, which sounds very serious and urgent. If you need our help, feel free to let us know.  We can find our way to the Beinnhall Hills in a few days if need be.

Best wishes to your brother and friends.

Your friends,

Zora and Welby



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