Ranger of the towerguard


Miri doesn’t know it, but she was a foundling.
Her adoptive father found her one day abandoned in the forest. As a member of the towerguard he. As out on patrol when he found the infant.
He couldn’t find any traces of who left her there, and his wife and he decided to keep her as their own daughter.

Miri has allways felt at ease in the forest, to a point of prefering to head there on her own instead of playing with kids of her own age.

So naturally she decided to join the towerguard herself when she was old enough.

Miri feels at ease talking to high priestess Isotta. Combined with the fact that she runs the only temple in town it was a natural thing for her to adopt Dagda as her pateon deity.

Miri has a high sense of duty responsibility towards the community of Woodsong, and she will always try to take her actions based on what benefit the community may take of it.


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